Cellulite? The problem child!

Do you have cellulite? Here's how i minimise mine...

I often laugh when i mention cellulite, mostly because when i said this in front of my mum she always thought I was saying 'sell you a light'. Hehehe

I'm not going to write about what cellulite is, what it looks like and who gets it as we've heard that all before plus a Google search will throw up plenty of that. There's also loads of material on the percentage of women who have it, the structure of the underlying fat cells, muscle, and how connective tissue is distributed in women's skin that causes cellulite etc.

I want to write about my current routine to BANISH the darn stuff!!

Cellulite is a multifacted problem that requires multiple modalities to achieve best results.

says dermatologist, Dr Matthew Elias.

So here's the deal for minimising cellulite:


Before showering in the morning:

Body brushing - I like this brush. Mostly because it has a handle which makes it easier to use. I focus on my entire thigh, front and back, and on my bum. I do 6 strokes in the one area then move across to the next section. I also do the backs of my arms, again 6 strokes. I'm not sure where the number 6 came from but that's what i do....

Massage roller - again i use this all over my thigh but i focus mostly on the back of my thigh and mostly at the top where it meets my bum. I like to get that little fatty pouch in there and give it a good rolling. I have overdone it at times and ended up with light bruising so don't beat yourself up! I also roll this over my bum.

Then i'll jump in the shower and once a week I'll use exfoliating gloves or a good coffee scrub to remove dead skin. You can buy these in The Body Shop or I've linked to a couple I like from Amazon. Rinse the gloves thoroughly after you use them and ideally hang them somewhere otherwise they start to smell. With the coffee scrub, make sure you pick one with added oil eg coconut oil, to give it a rich consistency. Over the years I've bought versions that are too dry and make a real mess of the bathroom and don't do much for my skin.

Body after morning showering:

5 Kind cellulite cream on thighs, front and back. This really tingles and turns your skin red for a few minutes. I like this. Makes me think it's working wonders in this cellulite banishing mission.

body dermaroller cellulite prevention

Body after evening shower:

Dermaroller - this is a body roller with 1200 needles. I use this in the evening as it pierces the skin leaving micro injuries which turns the skin red. The needles come in various lengths and trial and error has taught me that 1.5mm is too deep for my skin as I was bleeding afterwards even when I wasn't applying much pressure. So my advice is pick 0.75mm or 1mm for the body. There's also one for the face and for it I'd stick with 0.2mm - 0.5mm.

Three times a week roll this all over your legs, arms and chest. The basis of this is it creates little 'injuries' in your skin which turbocharges your collagen and elastin production during the healing repair process. 

The logical stat for me is these little 'injuries' help the body absorb moisturiser or serum 300% better than not using a dermaroller. A no brainer for me.

You'll also need to buy Rubbing alcohol to disinfect the roller. The roller comes in a plastic container so spray the disinfectant on the roller, place it in its container ready for use the next time. Germ free.

We all have our favourite body serum or moisturiser. As my skin starts ageing I've started using cream and serum with AHA. AHAs work with the skin to naturally exfoliate the skin which helps with pigmentation. AHA is glycolic acid and i use in the evening so its working while i'm sleeping.


I'm currently using NeoStrata Lotion Plus 15 AHA. I also like this Ren AHA Smart Renewal Body Serum.

Once a week I'll also use this hardcore body roller. Its very strong so won't be to everyones liking R8 deep tissue massage roller.

kettlebell cellulite prevention


Either in the gym or at home with some dumbbells or wearing a weighted vest or both. These are a few of my favourites that to my mind are squeezing out the cellulite and giving me strong muscles:

  • Squat jumps - Wear your weighted vest or not. Body weight will also work here. Do 3 sets of 20 jumps.
  • Walking lunges - I do 50 steps non stop. Unless you have a very long path or track, you'll need to make a few turns to get in the 50 steps. Start without dumbbells then gradually introduce weights. I hold 10kg in each hand. You can also wear your weighted vest.
  • Stiff leg deadlift - I hold 12.5kg weights. Your form is important with this one so do watch the video attached.
  • Lying leg curls - This is a gym exercise. Start with a weight where you can do 15 reps, then increase the weight so you are maxing out at 8 reps.
  • Squats with a weighted bar - I squat about 50kg. This is a gym one with that kind of weight.

I've created an 'equipment' list with everything you need to do these exercises.

In my other blogs i share my diet and supplements that all contribute to my minimising cellulite routine.


I follow a low carb, low sugar diet with quality fats and plenty of vegetables. Have a look through my other blogs (I've listed a few above) to read more. I firmly believe sugar causes all sorts of problems, including contributing to cellulite!!

All comments definitely welcome on this one. Let me know what works for you and if you have any other suggestions. BANISH it!!