How do I get started on my Low Carb Ketogenic lifestyle? Let's Go!!!

How do I get started on a low carb, high fat lifestyle?

Follow the MKB 5 Step guide to Get Started!

The best thing you will ever do for YOU! Let’s GO!

1) Start with your pantry. CLEAR OUT and RE-STOCK with these.

View list of things to clean out from your pantry

2) GO GET those key supplements to support your journey.


4) Exercise (HIIT & YOGA).

5) Maximise FAT loss!  Try Intermittent Fasting.

And a few tips for you:

  •      Power through “keto flu” for the first two weeks
  •      Track your ketones.
  •      Watch for hidden carbs.
  •      Don’t go too high on protein.
  •      Take time to move from research to practice. Let's Go!