What to eat when you fancy a nibble?

And if you fancy a nibble….

It creeps up on us all....we just fancy a little something during the day or something 'nice' when we're out having a drink with friends or when we have friends over for a little soiree. Let's keep it low carb, low sugar, Keto!! Also check out our 'can i drink alcohol' for our alcohol suggestions.

Mozzarella cheese and Tomato

So many variations of this: switch out the mozzarella for your choice of cheese(s). Add some chorizo. Add some nuts (keep them naked). Add some pesto...get creative.

Always add a little extra virgin olive oil and a pinch of sea salt to this dish and hey presto!

Low Carb nibbles Ketogenic

Or go for the good old favourite - Crackers and Cheese!!

Mix up the cheese selection though avoid cheese with dried fruit as its too sweet. Remember our aim is to not raise our insulin levels. You definitely want to avoid a high fat, high sugar scenario.

Crackers? Yes. Try these, RAW Health Organic.

Cheese NIbbles Low Carb Ketogenic lifestyle

We've all been tempted by the cheesecake, pavlova or chocolate cake but the cheese board is a much better choice. If you're in a restaurant the chutney and crackers might not fit the low carb living, however if you're at home then try these:

Avoid the chutney! Unless it’s made with stevia instead of sugar like this scrummy stuff! Sweet Jam with Stevia.

Crackers? Yes. Try these, RAW Health Organic crackers.

Nuts and Olives

Nuts Olives Low Carb Ketogenic lifestyle nibbles

Always naked nuts and not salted/roasted and don’t be charmed by some fancy spice mix, most of them have sugar too!! Think naked almonds, macadamia’s or walnuts.

Linwood's activated almonds also a great choice.

Both green and black olives are great!! I always check the oil they're in to ensure its extra virgin olive oil.

Sweet Bite?

Now I've tried many 'health' bars. So many of them have unhealthy ingredients. I've now settled for the following options:

FattBars - I like the Coconut & Macadamia and Caramel & Sea Salt

Fulfill bars - they've just introduced a bunch of new flavours and are available everywhere....even on airlines. Bonus!!

Chocolate with Stevia - I always have a bar in the fridge.

Holland & Barrett also sell 'No Added Sugar Choccy Peanuts'. So very moreish!!

Pili Nuts - see my blog here. Chocolate and coconut get my vote.

Good old strawberries (and blueberries) and cream.